I am Nayyab Zia Naqvi. I am a researcher, coder, traveler, trendsetter and a curious being. A capable and intelligent woman who loves challenges and adventures. 

Early Life: I was born in Lahore, Pakistan. My early years were spent studying Maths, Science, and English. I was always an above average student. My best hobby of early days was playing video games (almost 6 hours a day) and watching TV (5 hours). I am nocturnal since I am a teenager. 

Academic Qualifications: I am recently awarded a doctorate degree in Computer Science from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KU Leuven) , Belgium under the supervision of Prof. Yolande Berbers.  I was an Erasmus Scholar for my Masters in Network and e-Business Centered Computing (NeBCC); a joint masters program in University of Reading (UoR) UK, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh), Greece and University Carlos III of Madrid (UC3M), Spain in 2009-11. I am a Bachelors (Hons.) in Computer Science from the University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan.

Professional Life: I am an experienced researcher and developer on smart ICT technologies. An experienced  software engineer in numerous technologies.

Personal Life: I am happily married to my best friend and live in Epsom, UK.


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